We Empower: Keeping Pace With Clients’ Needs

Our We Empower series explores the many ways Cornerstone Servicing team members make a positive difference in the lives of homeowners and our subservicing clients.

As part of our Project Management team, Kody Stafford shepherds a range of business-critical projects from kickoff to launch. From onboarding new clients and products to implementing new digital solutions that improve homeowner and client experiences, learn how Kody and his team are making a positive difference

How is your team working to continuously elevate our value to homeowners and clients as the market evolves? 

Our approach is to put ourselves in the position of the client or customer and work backwards from there. This helps us focus on their unique needs and priorities and create the most positive experience for them. Additionally, Cornerstone Servicing promotes a transparent culture and open conversations about all aspects of our business and how we can improve. This helps us recognize and adapt to changing market dynamics. 

What do you like most about Cornerstone’s culture? 

Cornerstone values supporting team members and meeting them where they are. This is particularly important to me as Cornerstone promotes and fosters work/life balance while also providing opportunities to learn and grow in my field.

How do you think our culture makes a positive difference for those we serve? 

To foster this culture, maintaining open lines of communication is key, both internally and with our subservicing clients. We appreciate and encourage feedback from all sides. Personally, I always feel comfortable discussing anything with my manager, and knowing I can get the support I need from my team is invaluable. 

What market trends are impacting the way servicers operate and interact with customers? 

The current origination climate has led to a surge in creative products, and we’ve witnessed this with new clients coming on board. It challenges us to stay informed and ensure we’re meeting clients where they are, supporting new ideas or products they seek. Staying current on market trends and innovations is crucial to providing the best experience. 

Looking ahead, what are your top goals and priorities for the coming months? 

My key goals involve keeping up with different skills and expanding my expertise, especially in financial technology. Staying current with the evolving fintech landscape allows us to explore and implement new solutions effectively. We’re focusing on adding value through new technologies that benefit our clients, team members, and operations.

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