Fueling Excellence: Empowering Through Education

Our We Empower series explores the many ways Cornerstone Servicing team members make a positive difference in the lives of homeowners and our subservicing clients.

Continuous training and development is fundamental to our mission, strategy, and success as a subservicing partner. Spencer Martin, our Manager of Servicing Education, plays a big role in helping our organization constantly learn, improve and evolve. Learn about how he empowers our team members across our operations and, by extension, the people we serve.

How does your team continuously improve our support for people we serve as the market evolves? 

We emphasize continuous training, revisiting complex topics like escrow to deepen team members’ understanding and enhance our support for customers we serve. Regular training sessions and discussions within our team contribute to constant improvement in our support for homeowners and clients. 

What do you like most about Cornerstone’s culture? 

The active involvement of senior leadership. We all focus on helping our customers, making sure they have accurate information and ensuring they have an excellent customer experience across the board. Cornerstone Servicing actively reinforces a positive and engaging culture with various activities and events that reflect the company’s values. 

What industry trends are impacting the ways we interact with homeowners? 

Technology plays a vital role in customer engagement. Having the skills and knowledge to effectively use a variety of communication channels, including email and messaging, helps us reach customers efficiently and keep them informed. Effective compliance management is also even more essential today. 

What are your top goals and priorities in the upcoming months? 

My main goals are to continually enhance my knowledge and share it with the team, emphasizing the need for us to grow and adapt to constant change in our industry. We must stay flexible and prepared to meet these changes head-on. 

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