We Empower: 2 Decades of Excellence

Our We Empower series explores the many ways Cornerstone Servicing team members make a positive difference in the lives of people we serve. Eva Moody, a committed quality evaluator within our Business Controls team, has been a friendly face at Cornerstone for an impressive 20 years. In this edition, we delve into Eva’s role, her reflections on Cornerstone’s culture, and more.

We are responsible for reviewing and grading Customer Care engagements as well as conducting targeted reviews to identify and address potential process gaps. Additionally, we provide constructive feedback on evaluations to our contact center team members, supporting and enabling them to deliver world-class service and continuously improve.  

Cornerstone’s culture is family-oriented across team members, customers, and clients. Our mission and core values resonate, making it a wonderful place to be. The family-oriented culture, commitment to making a positive difference, and genuine desire to further everyone’s success contribute to our unique and supportive environment. Everyone has an opportunity to grow at Cornerstone. The excellent training and support make it an ideal place for a fulfilling career.  

The market has become more dependent on new technologies like AI, enhancing the customer experience by making document access and servicing more efficient overall. AI is helping to make servicing easier for customers to access information and manage their loan efficiently, with the company’s website offering a seamless experience.  

I aim to enhance my industry knowledge through training and continue working with my team to provide continuous feedback and deliver world-class service. 

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