Cornerstone Featured in National Mortgage News  

April 3, 2023 | National Mortgage News recently covered the official launch of Cornerstone Capital Bank’s new subservicing business line spearheaded by Toby Wells, president of Cornerstone Servicing.   

The article highlights Cornerstone’s strategy to empower smart homeownership and how they are leveraging intuitive technologies and digestible, transparent communications to demystify processes and complex concepts homeowners encounter during the life of their loan.  

“We try to take the mystery out of servicing for consumers,” Toby said. “The goal is to make it easy and intuitive.”  

The article notes Cornerstone Servicing offers subservicing solutions for mortgage lenders and MSR investors of all shapes and sizes. The company’s goal is to provide homeowners with an easy and intuitive servicing experience and establish itself as a trusted partner for clients.  

To read the entire article, click here.  

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