Heart for Service: Empowering Homeowners Through Superior Care

December 6, 2023 | Our We Empower series explores the variety of ways Cornerstone Servicing team members make a positive difference in the lives of people we serve.

Today, we’re proud to highlight Lexine James, a dedicated member of our Customer Care team, and her innate passion for serving others. Learn what drives Lex to build trust, exceed expectations, enrich homeowner experiences, and cultivate customers for life.

Lexine James, Customer Care

What led you to choose a career in customer service, and why does it resonate so strongly with you?

It’s a natural fit for me. Having been in customer service for decades, I find it never gets stale or stagnant. It’s a part of who I am – almost like it’s in my DNA. I genuinely enjoy creating positive experiences and tackling challenges. Every day, I look forward to coming to work, and it doesn’t feel like work at all; it’s more of an attitude and lifestyle. My positive outlook and passion for exceptional service drive me, and my name is my “brand.”

What do you like most about being a Cornerstone team member?

There are several things, making it difficult to pick just one. However, I find joy in my job daily due to the positive environment, teamwork, and overall support that’s evident within Cornerstone. I feel comfortable in my role and eagerly welcome opportunities to address and respond to customers’ requests and concerns.

How does Cornerstone’s Customer Care philosophy align with your personal values?

Our philosophy revolves around providing remarkable customer experiences, a commitment that deeply resonates with my personal passions and beliefs. Cornerstone’s principles, particularly its foundation in Christian faith, align with my values, making me feel like I’m in the right place. Reading “The Cornerstone Story” by Marc Laird further confirmed this is where I am meant to be.

When a customer has an issue or concern, how do you address and resolve it effectively?

I welcome expressions of dissatisfaction, as they often present opportunities for meaningful interactions. I demonstrate genuine empathy, actively listen to ensure we accurately assess any issues, and ask clarifying questions to avoid misunderstandings. This helps us identify a root cause and facilitates timely resolution. Frequent and consistent communication further enhances the process, keeping customers informed until their inquiry is completely resolved.

In situations involving longer processes or issues, I apologize sincerely for not meeting their expectations and provide a transparent explanation for the delay. Then, setting clear expectations and communicating contingencies is essential. I tell customers what tasks I’m responsible for. If escalation is required, I confidently state that their matter has been escalated to the highest capacity at the time, showing personal accountability for improving their experience.

Can you share a situation when your support made a positive difference for a homeowner?

Recently, a customer whose loan had transferred to a different mortgage servicer expressed dissatisfaction with the servicer’s generic electronic responses and lack of human contact. Their inquiry was regarding a substantial principal payment, the automated response was concerning as it had the potential for fraud. I proactively reached out to the new loan servicer’s senior leadership and connected them with the customer. My intervention and involvement left them reassured and extremely grateful.

How do you stay ahead of homeowners’ evolving expectations to ensure we consistently deliver the highest level of service?

I personally adapt my approach to cater to different preferences — for example, offering customers the option of communicating electronically or via phone. Additionally, I actively seek more education related to my job and the company. By constantly staying informed about trending issues and gaining new skills and knowledge, I can better serve our customers.

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