INSIDE THE TALENT FORGE: Recruiting Brilliance and Beyond

Our We Empower series explores the many ways Cornerstone Servicing team members make a positive difference in the lives of people we serve. In this edition, we sat down with Matt Bidelman to explore how he is making an impact as a recruiter, the distinctive culture at Cornerstone, and the dynamic landscape of mortgage servicing.

My primary responsibilities revolve around identifying and recruiting top talent that aligns with company’s needs and culture. I collaborate with hiring managers to ensure a match between unique talent and the requirements of the business. For example, we focus on identifying talent that can support customers throughout their homeownership journey. By ensuring we have knowledgeable individuals, we provide the support and answers they need during these critical processes.

The healthy work-life balance and the emphasis on professional growth are standout features of Cornerstone’s culture. This is reflected in the company’s high average tenure, showcasing a commitment to team member satisfaction and career development. I started as a sales recruiter, but the company allowed me to transition into corporate roles, leveraging my experience. This flexibility and support have been crucial to my development.

Cornerstone leads with a service-oriented mentality, ensuring that customers receive support in any situation, whether big or small. This approach contributes to building trust and providing exceptional service throughout a homeownership journey.

The current economic climate has sustained servicing, with fewer loan movements. However, the impact of front-end originations is anticipated to influence the back end positively. With an increase in purchase applications, the opportunity arises to build upon an existing foundation and portfolio.

My primary goals are to continue finding and presenting the best candidates, especially in unexpected places. With the company in a growth transition, I aim to contribute to Cornerstone’s expansion by being the best recruiter I can be and providing quality staff for exceptional service.

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