SERVICING EXCELLENCE: Leading Tech, Teamwork, and Constant Evolution

Our We Empower series explores the many ways Cornerstone Servicing team members make a positive difference in the lives of people we serve. In this Q&A, Chelsie Frederiksen sheds light on her role as a Senior Product Manager on our Technology team, ways she supports our operations from end to end, and how Cornerstone’s unique culture drives excellence and continuous improvement as we evolve.

I oversee our servicing technology ecosystem, focusing on our platform and its various modules. My team ensures smooth application maintenance and integration with other systems to optimize data flow and operational efficiency. For example, we actively monitor communications from our technology partners regarding updates that may affect our operations. Additionally, we hold regular meetings with our operational teams to address potential application issues and facilitate solutions. This proactive approach ensures our systems best support our teams, subservicing clients, and their customers effectively.

Cornerstone has fostered an open and friendly community where communication is key. I truly value the collaborative environment and the ways everyone works together toward shared goals. One instance that stands out is when we faced challenges with a business process, and multiple teams came together to brainstorm solutions. The open communication and teamwork demonstrated during that period truly showcased Cornerstone’s commitment to collaboration and problem-solving.

The industry for us is always fluctuating in terms of what regulators, our clients, and homeowners expect from us. We have to be thoughtful about our operations and stay flexible. This challenges us to constantly ask ourselves, do we need to reevaluate our approach? As we grow and diversify our subservicing portfolio, we have to question, does this work long-term? Or, do we need to adjust our approach because we have new variables to consider?

I have been sending helpful communications to servicing team members with little tips and tricks to help them better navigate, understand, and utilize our technology. Getting more of these sent out is one big goal, and also placing them into our internal resource library so they’re accessible now and in the future as new team members come onboard.

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